Canadian MPs decide more witnesses are needed as Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism continues

New hearings for CPCCA scheduled for January 25th February 1st & 8th 2010.

(December 3rd, 2009)

Forty-two witnesses have appeared before the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat
Antisemitism thus far, as it probes the problem of antisemitism, and seeks solutions to it.
Witnesses have ranged from internationally renowned scholars to non-governmental
organizations, faith leaders and individuals.

“We have heard compelling testimony on the problem of antisemitism in Canada and
beyond,” said Inquiry Chair MP Mario Silva, adding “we will be pleased now to hear from
law enforcement personnel regarding their experience and expertise in these matters”.
In light of this, the Panel has invited representatives from police forces across Canada to
present to the Panel on February 8th. Specifically the Panel is looking toward
recommendations regarding standard definitions of antisemitism to be adopted by police
forces across the country, as well as better tracking of antisemitic incidents.

Much of the focus of the inquiry thus far has been on the perceived problem of rising
antisemitism on some Canadian campuses; the Panel has heard contradictory testimony from
students, administrators and experts on the issue. Initially the presidents of twenty-five
major Canadian universities were invited as witness for the hearing on November 24th, but
scheduling conflicts precluded the majority of them from attending. “One expert witness told
our Inquiry that Canada is a „pioneer‟ of campus antisemitism among democratic nations.
We hope that the presidents will make it a priority to attend our hearing on January 25th To
discuss this concern and establish whether this characterization is valid – and what can be
done about it, should that characterization turn out to be justified,” said Inquiry Panel ViceChair
Scott Reid.

Two more hearings are scheduled for next week and include Ontario Provincial Police
Commissioner Julian Fantino, Dr. Gil Troy of McGill University, representatives of
Canadian Jewish Congress and others.

For an updated list of witnesses, dates and locations of hearings visit the Coalition‟s website