Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism Releases Final Inquiry Panel Report

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) is pleased
to announce the release of its final Inquiry Panel Report.

“At a time when Canada is witnessing an unprecedented increase in antisemitic
incidents and hateful discourse,” said Mario Silva, Chair of the Inquiry Panel. “The
release of the CPCCA report could not be timelier.

After two years of investigation and hearings, the Inquiry Panel’s conclusion,
unfortunately, is that the scourge of antisemitism is a growing threat in Canada,
especially on the campuses of our universities. The Inquiry Panel has made several
recommendations to the Government of Canada. Among these recommendations are
the training of police forces across Canada in how better to deal with antisemitism;
the sponsorship of conferences at universities that seek to counter antisemitic events,
such as “Israeli Apartheid Week”; and the adoption of a clear and concise definition
of what antisemitism entails.

“Our work on the Inquiry Panel final report has taken us over two years to complete,”
said Mario Silva. “And we are calling on the Government of Canada to take our
recommendations under serious consideration to combat the wave of antisemitism we
are witnessing in our nation. Canada is founded on a set of shared values and
antisemitism is an affront to all we stand for in this country.”