Is campus antisemitism on the rise in Canada?

Canadian MPs to hear personal accounts and expert analysis about antisemitism on Canada’s campuses as Parliamentary Inquiry continues.

(November 12th, 2009)

On Monday, November 16th, MPs will hear from Jewish student leaders about the
growing problem of antisemitism at Canadian Universities.

The CPCCA has received dozens of written submissions from students and parents
alike about the hostile environment Jewish students face on many campuses. For
example, cartoons comparing Israelis to white-ruled South Africa or even Nazi
Germany are popping up in campus papers. “Freedom of speech, thought and
expression are vital components of academic discourse — but this rule has to apply to
all points of view, including those who have unfashionable views supportive of
Israel,” said Inquiry Panel Chair, Mario Silva.

The coalition will hear from:

Part one:

  • Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
  • Professor Yehuda Bauer (Yad Vashem Institute)
  • Professor Kenneth Marcus (City University of New York)
  • Professor Alvin Rosenfeld (Indiana University)

Part two:

  • Zac Kaye (Director, Hillel of Greater Toronto)
  • Josh Zelikovitz (former President. Hillel at Queen’s University and Jewish Identity Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students)
  • Miriam Stein (University of Ottawa Law Student)

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hearings, visit