Mandate of the

Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism



The CPCCA is a coalition of concerned parliamentarians aiming to confront and combat the global resurgence of Antisemitism. It recognizes that Antisemitism by its nature is fundamentally opposed to the multicultural identity of Canada and to the Canadian values of Human Rights and Human Dignity. It harnesses the goodwill of parliamentarians in all parties, in both Houses of the Parliament of Canada, in the struggle against this oldest and most enduring of hatreds.



The CPCCA is an all-party Parliamentary group which will remain independent of both the Government of Canada and NGOs or Advocacy Groups. Committee membership is restricted to current Members of Parliament. It aims to undertake two primary objectives:

  1. To conduct an Inquiry into Antisemitism in Canada, with the following as its terms of reference:

To identify and define the nature of Antisemitism in Canada today.

To analyze, as far as evidence allows, the extent of the problem.

To make practical recommendations as to how the problem can be addressed.

As such, the committee will independently review evidence, hear witnesses, and attend briefings from a variety of sources. It will then publish a report based on its findings and present it to the Government of Canada for response.

  1. If asked, to coordinate and host the Second Annual Inter-parliamentary Conference to Combat Antisemitism to be held in Canada in 2010. The conference will gather parliamentarians from around the world interested in fighting Antisemitism. It will focus on Antisemitism as a modern issue and will build upon the foundations and recommendations of the February 2009 London Declaration passed at the first conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism.